Fixed lease model

Take a vacation on your own boat or another KUHNLE-TOURS boat (not partner companies) at all KUHNLE-TOURS destinations regardless of the location of your boat and collect a fixed lease in parallel as a percentage of the boat purchase price:

Return on investment per year fornew boatsused boats
Febomobil 1180, 990 7% fixed rent (5,5 years)
Kormoran 1150, 1290, 1500 on request
Aquino 1190 6% fixed rent (5,5 years)
vetus 900, 1000, 1500 7% fixed rent (2,5 years)
Haines 1070, 1190 7% fixed rent (3,5 years)
Kormoran 940, 1140, 1280, 1500 7% fixed rent (5,5 years)
other boat typeson requeston request

Extended usage : 2% of the boat purchase amount (excl. VAT) can be applied as a reduction off a boating holiday.

(Annual discount entitlement, not transferable to subsequent years. Is not available with boat owner program partner boats).

Conversion Bonus: You can convert your fixed rent to up to 20% off a boating holiday.

Payout: May 15 and July 15

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