Let our shipyard build your dream boat

Our Aquino and Kormoran range benefit from


  • Optimised hull shapes to reduce fuel consumption,
  • Generous headroom,
  • Ample storage space in accessible cupboards and drawers,
  • A wet room per cabin in our standard version.


The Kuhnle yard focuses on continual improvement. The regular feedback our group charter company provides enables us to review and improve our boats performance and specification - this has ensured that we now offer advanced, low maintenance houseboats and motor yachts.  


Due to the incremental improvements we now have a fleet that is ideal for inland waters, and approved for protected marine waters. 

The Kormoran and Aquino range offers a wide range of options, the focus being to meet all your needs in one of the designs. 

Developed in the 1990s the Cormorant was oprtimised to be a charter boat on an inland waterways. Harald Kuhnle a charter boat entrepreneur, commissioned the yacht designer Peter Sonntag to design the perfect charter boat. Kuhnle specified what made a great charter boat for inland waters: 

  • all cabins should be similar in size e.g. similar headroom. 
  • the kitchen should largely be as it is on land (gas stove, large refrigerator, hot and cold running water, ample work surface)
  • where possible each each cabin should have it's own wet room with shower, toilet and sink
  • the boat should be easy to maneuver, even for beginners
  • it should have an indoor and outdoor helm
  • technical equipment must be robust, easy to access and simple to understand
  • the interior should be easy to clean 

From the first draft, Kuhnle knew he had hired the right guy. All the criteria had been met and the traditional appearance with dark wood and brass is appealing to all.  Over time the Cormorant has continued to be developed  and today there are four boat sizes to choose from (9.4, 11.4, 12.8 and 15 meters long).

In 2009, using the Cormorant as a starting point, the designer Nils Fuhrmann developed the Aquino series. The boat layout has real finesse and looks to accommodate every on-board comfort.  

Custom Boats

We develop custom boats and when doing so we offer existing floor plans or you can select individual elements to work with your own ideas. Perhaps instead of more cupboards you want a desk? Extra electrical points? A connection for the washing machine or dryer? Underfloor heating? Air conditioning? Our shipyard has its own design department and specialists in all areas of boat building.  Have a look through our website for ideas and let yourself be inspired. Sketch your dream - and we will build your boat.