In detail we offer the following options:

Sales agreement: We offer your boat as part of our used boat offer. A minimum sales price is agreed between you and us. The additional proceeds from the actual sales price and the minimum sales price will be divided equally between you and us. KUHNLE-TOURS takes over the one-year warranty and the corresponding risk for you.


Lease agreement with own use for boats over 7 meters (possibility to choose between fixed rent and different turnover models): The rent is determined according to the chosen model - Fixed rent, Turnover model 1, 2 or 3 (see link to table below). Own use is also determined by the model selected. Once a buyer has been found, the transfer date is set depending on the booking situation.


Lease contract with own use for boats up to 7 meters: Since boats up to 7 meters are usually only rented on a day charter basis, we offer a different contract constellation here. The owner does not have to bear any additional boat costs (maintenance, insurance, operating costs, mooring, etc.) during the lease period, but KUHNLE-TOURS is entitled to all proceeds from the charter. Own use is possible here at any time, provided that the boat is not otherwise already rented or reserved (see link to table below).


Requirements: A perfect technical and charterable condition of your boat is a prerequisite.