Febomobil 1180

high quality pontoon boat with plenty of space (barrier-free)

This is a so called "ponto boat" or "driving holiday apartment. It offers 2 bedrooms and bathrooms, a large and bright living area with a pantry and 2 terraces. 


  • The swimmers of the Febomobil series are made of seawater resistant aluminium, this means that the aluminium doesn´t react with the water, so a Corrosion is impossible.
  • The wintering is possible, including ice.
  • Construction is a aluminum frame and is more light and lonlasting than a construction made of wood
  • The walls outside are made of  glass fiber reinforced plastic, so the big advantage is no additional costs, no painting and paint damage
  • The isolation of the walls outside are made of water repellent styrofoam. Inside we used  coated boards.
  • The windows and exterior doors consist of Plastic frame with a thermo-insulating glazing 
  • The roof is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and longlasting

Boat data

Length: 11.80 m

Width: 3.80 m (also larger widths are possible such as 4,65 m)

Draft: 0.50 m

Headroom: 2.30 m throughout

Cabins: 2

Berths : 5 + 2

CE norm: C

Houseboat Febomobil 1180 floor plan
Febomobil 1180 floor plan
Piktogramm für Sonnenplatz auf dem Dach
Piktogramm Warmluftheizung
Piktogramm für Steuerstand innen oder außen
Piktogramm für Überall führerscheinfrei
CD + Radio
Piktogramm für 12 Volt Steckdose
Piktogramm für Bugstrahlruder

General and technical details

General data

  • Clearance height 3.55 m without railing, 3.28 with railing polished stainless steel

  • Trailer weight 4,7 t

  • Max. Weight 5,2 t

  • Railing in stainless steel

  • Construction material pontoon aluminum, 2 hulls

  • Maximum speed 12 km/h

  • Cruising speed 10 km/h



  • Engine outboard Honda
  • Power 11,03 kW (15 HP)
  • 1 driving position in front
  • Hydraulic control


  • Fuel tank 60 l
  • Water tank 390 l
  • Dirty water tank* 390 l

*Do you know that there are regulations for ship toilets? Yes, you read correctly. Since 2008 all built boats must be equipped with a black water tank. All materials coming out of the toilet belong in this tank. But in the boat area there are other polluted waters, the so-called gray water. This grouping includes water from the sinks, which are usually contaminated with oil and/or food residues. In our boats, the gray water also goes into the collection tank and can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.



1 Boat manual/operating instructions

1 boat papers

1 boat key

1 Mouth horn

1 red distress flag

1 first aid kit

1 anchor with anchor chain à 30 m

2 shackles

1 winch lever

4 railing chains with snap hooks and shackles

4 mooring lines à 14 m

2 boat hooks

1 life ring with line à 25 m

4 fenders with lines à 2,5 m (Hafendorf Müritz)

1 bucket with line à 5 m

1 bailer (ladle)

1 manual bilge pump with hose

2 pegs for mooring

1 shore power cable à 30 m

1 hammer

1 Kuhnle-Tours pennant

1 national flag D or F

1 bathing ladder

2 fire extinguishers


  • Ceiling plastic
  • Flooring PVC
  • Walls plastic
  • Deck Tread web flooring wood (Bankirai)
  • 3-burner built-in stove (gas)
  • Built-in oven (gas)
  • Refrigerator and sink
  • 2 gas bottles 11 kg
  • Hot air heating in each cabin, Truma gas heater E4000
  • Bow thruster
  • Signal horn
  • Radio/modern audio system


  • 12 volt electrical system with undervoltage lockout
  • 2 AGM batteries 140 Ah onboard power supply
  • Shore power and socket 230 volts
  • Horn


  • 2 toilets, electric toilet
  • Hot air heating in each cabin, Truma gas heating E4000
  • Running hot and cold water

All information is without guarantee.

Pictures, equipment details and technical data may vary depending on the boat.

Year of manufactureNet priceGross price (DE)Name
2016 129.411,76 € 154.000,- €*Phila
*19% VAT DE

Advantages to comparable pontoon boats

The febomobil differs in terms of quality clearly from other pontoon boats, because it was designed as a boat and therefore special attention was paid to features such as handling characteristics, seaworthiness, safety and handling.

The approach of other boatbuilders is first of all to build a nice house that will then be brought to the water. Our approach provides us with decisive advantages, especially when used as a mobile holiday home. For example, the Febomobil, which is not too wide, is easier to find a berth than a wider boat. The Febomobil is also easier to control and causes fewer problems for its crew and thus less damage. Nevertheless, the many years of experience of the Kuhnle-Werft GmbH with other model series ensure that the boat crew has a generous and comfortable space. We have been showing since 1997 that in a limited space we can create a comfortable holiday atmosphere while at the same time providing enough privacy for every crew member on board.

Kitchen with a lot of work space

Space in the living area

modern bathroom