Febomobil 990

Barrier free living

General description of the basic version

Floating and cruising cottage, ideal for up to two couples or small families, bathroom handicapped accessible with shower and toilet, hot/cold running water, kitchenette accessible by wheelchair with stove and oven, refrigerator and sink, connection for shore power (230 volt shore power), electrical outlets, heating in all rooms, porch, railing bow terrace, device for outboard gasoline or electric - maximum 23 kW (31.27 hp).

Boat data

Length: 9.90 m

Width: 3.35 m (also larger widths are possible such as 4,20 m)

Draft: 0.50 m

Headroom: 2.30 m in all areas

Cabins: 1

Berths : 3 + 2 ( Plus version )

CE norm: C / D

Houseboat Febomobil 990 floor plan
Febomobil 990 floor plan
Piktogramm für Sonnenplatz auf dem Dach
Piktogramm Warmluftheizung
Piktogramm für Steuerstand innen oder außen
Piktogramm für Überall führerscheinfrei
CD + Radio
Piktogramm für 12 Volt Steckdose

General and technical details

Basic Version

General data

Clearance height 3,55m with railing stainless steel polished

trailer weight 3,0 t

max. weight 4,9 t

color freely selectable (not for purchase charter)

pontoon aluminum, 2 hulls

maximum speed 12 km/h

cruising speed 10 km/h


Ceiling plastic

Flooring PVC

Walls plastic, sandwich

Deck Tread web flooring wood (Bankirai)

3-burner built-in stove (gas)

Built-in oven (gas)


2 gas bottles 11 Kg

Ladder to the roof polished stainless steel

Railing roof and aft polished stainless steel

continuous pipe to hold


Outboard Honda 11,03 kW (15 hp)

1 driving position in front

Hydraulic control

Plus Version


Fuel tank 60 l

Water tank 350 l

Dirty water tank* 400 l

*Do you know that there are regulations for ship toilets? Yes, you read correctly. Since 2008 all built boats must be equipped with a black water tank. All materials coming out of the toilet belong in this tank. But in the boat area there are other polluted waters, the so-called gray water. This grouping includes water from the sinks, which are usually contaminated with oil and/or food residues. In our boats, the gray water also goes into the collection tank and can be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.


12 V on-board power supply with low-voltage cutout

2 AGM batteries 180 Ah AGM

Starter battery 1x70 Ah

230 V shore power

230 V sockets shore connection

Solar system 200 W

Signal horn

Radio / modern audio system

Garmin Striker Plus 4cv: depth sounder, speed indicator (display under boat), display 4,3 inch


1 barrier-free bathroom with sink, shower

1 electric WC

shower seat with 2 handholds

hot water boiler 10 l

running hot and cold water

Solar thermal

hot air heating in each cabin, HS 2008


All details are without guarantee.

Pictures, Equipment and tecnical data depends on the type of boat

Year of manufactureNet priceGross price (DE)Name
2016 121.000,00 € 143.990,- €* Belinda
*19% VAT. DE

Advantages over comparable pontoon boats

The Febomobil differs significantly from other Pontoboats in terms of the quality, because it has more in common with a boat and has more features for driving characeristics, seawothiness, safety and handling. One big advantage of the boat is that you can use the centeral heating all year compared to other pontoboats. 

The concept of other Pentoboats is just to build a tiny house that is floating in the water. We are combining both, house and functional boat. For example the febomobil is not too wide so it is more easier to find a mooring. Furthermore the boat is more comfortable to steer and avoids damages.

We at the KUHNLE shipyard gained a lot of new experience during the years and we can provide a huge and comfortable spaciousness for the whole crew on board. We guarantee since 1997 you will have despite limited space a cozy holiday atmosphere and simultaneous enough privacy for every crew member. 

Febomobil 990

big saloon