How long does it take to build a boat?

It depends on the type of boat. For the Kormoran and Aquino series production time is between 5 to 6 months. A Febomobil takes a maximum of 1 month. 


Where can the boats for sale be viewed?

The boats for sale are in the Hafendorf Müritz and Niderviller bases.

Can used boats be remodeled?

All work can be carried out in our shipyard - from a new color scheme to complete conversions. Our technicians are available to discuss your plans. 

What guarantees do you give?

For new boat construction we provide a guarantee of 2 years, for other work 1 year. 

Can I have a trial before buying the boat?

Yes, trials are possible. The time taken is calculated as a rental price and added to the purchase price. 

Who manages all the organization?

We will manage the whole process. 

Are the boats regularly maintained?

Our boats undergo a complete inspection every 2 years.