Prices for crane and transport

in the Marina Müritz and in the Marina Niderviller

Marina Müritz is designed for up to 90 tons and Marina Niderviller for up to 25 tons.


Put in or take out boats with craneprice per boat with LPI*price per boat without LPI
Boats up to 3 tons71,- €99,- €
Boats up to 5 tons99,- €127,- €
Boats up to 8 tons135,- €163,- €
Boats up to 12 tons178,- €206,- €
Boats up to 20 tons223,- €251,- €
Boats up to 30 tons (in Marina Niderviller up to 25 tons)318,- €346,- €
Boats up to 40 tons384,- €384,- €
Boats up to 50 tons 455,- €455,- €
Boats up to 60 tons525,- €525,- €
Boats up to 70 tons586,- €586,- €
Boats up to 80 tons636,- €636,- €
Boats up to 90 tons686,- €686,- €
Mast laying or setting (up to 7 meters boat length)55,- € only in HMR
Mast laying or setting (from 7,01 meter boat length)100,-€ only in HMR
Auxiliary crane, mast laying, mast setting49,- € per houronly in HMR

*with summer or winter berth or shipyard order.

no craning: Sundays and from 15 December to 10 January


during crane

Craning outside working hours ( from 5 p.m. - 8 a.m.) 50%
Crane in winter from 15 November to 15 March 50%



Appraisals and/or repair work

For surveys and/or repair work on the lower ship, 1.5 times the crane price will be charged.


Sign a berth contract with us and save 27 € on each crane from 3 to 30 tons.

Please note that our guest berths are bookable and payable on site for a maximum of 3 days, subject to availability. It is not possible to book guest berths in advance.

For craning, guest mooring fees, summer mooring and short moorings, we charge you 1.5 times the stated price for a houseboat/raft.

Transport flat rate

marina description price
Marina MüritzTransport between crane - shipyard or shipyard - blasting site (in each case also vice versa) 140,- €
Marina MüritzTransport boat between berth - crane (in each case also vice versa)60,- €
Marina MüritzTransportation of boats at customer's request (if other boats have to be moved)140,- € per moved boat
Marina NidervillerThe transport fee is included in the price.
Marina NidervillerHigh pressure cleaning of the underwater hull3,10 €/m²
Marina MüritzHigh pressure cleaning of the underwater hull3,10 €/m²
Marina MüritzCleaning of the boat inside and outside or the superstructure60,- € per hour