Lift service by crane*Price per boat
boats up to 3 tons73,- €
boats up to 5 tons100,- €
boats up to 8 tons133,- €
boats up to 12 tons170,- €
boats up to 20 tons209,- €
boats up to 30 tons (in Marina Niderviller up to 25 tons)295,- €
boats up to 40 tons360,- €
boats up to 50 tons430,- €
boats up to 60 tons500,- €
boats up to 70 tons560,- €
boats up to 80 tons610,- €
boats up to 90 tons660,- €
putting up/down mast50,- €
Assistant for craning, putting up/down mast36,- €/hour
Crane transport flat charge: to shipyard, 100,- €
shipyard to winter mooring facility, shipyard to blasting place, vice versa**
Early removal from storage on demand of the client150 € /removed boat
(when other boats have to get removed)
Water sand blasting: underwater body2,70 €/m²

* Prices are valid for Marina Müritz and up to 25 tons for Marina Niderviller.


** Only for the Marina Müritz, included in the price at the Marina Niderviller.

Surcharge crane outside working hours 17 pm to 8 am: 50%

Surcharge crane winter 15.11. to 15.03. every year 50%

No crane work on Sundays 


Conclude a contract with us for a berth and save 15 € for every use of the crane between 3 and 30 tons.