Combination discount

If you sign the contracts for season and winter berth at the same time and pay for them simultaneously, we will allow a 10% discount. Please note that you do not get this discount for extra services.

Longterm discount

We offer special discounts for visitors who stay more than a month.

From one full month: 10%

From two full months: 25%

Discount 5 and 10 years contract

Use our longterm contracts, so price increases have no impact. You pay the amounts in advance in the form of a loan and receive in addition to the guaranteed fixed price the following discounts:

5-year contract:

You pay 10 percent less, i. E. 0.90 (90 percent) x 5 years x prices as listed


10-year contract:

You pay 20 percent less, i. E. 0.80 (80 percent) x 10 years x prices as listed


Termination option: This loan may be terminated by either party on 31 October or 14 April with a respite of one month.