Marina Extras 2019


Here you can find extras and prices for the motor-homes site at the Marina Niderviller.


Electricity: (CEE, 16 A)0,50 €/kWh
or per night3,- €
Fresh water0,50 €/50 l
Disposal of waste water: self-service5,- €/ca. 250l
for motorhomes in the Marina Müritz or in the Marina Niderviller (via floor inlet with grating)2,- €
Disposal of chemical toilets (Marina Müritz and Marina Niderviller) Separate basin for cassette
Washing machine or dryer (Marina Müritz and Marina Niderviller)6 € each turn
Disposal of garbage free
Putting the mast up or down by cranePutting the mast up or down by crane50,- €
Mast storage (we will calculate the total length of both as well as when the mast will be longer than the boat/trailer)60,- €
Bearing block170,- €
Parking (Hall)only Marina Müritz (per car):
- per day6,- €
- up to 4 weeks60,- €
- up to 6 months120,- €
Extra charge for chartering your boat to your clients (only allowed with written approval by Rundtörn Marinas)300,- €