Crane and Travel Lift

Passagierschiff am 80t Kran von Kuhnle im Hafendorf Müritz

No matter if small or big - we bring your boat into the water!


Since the introduction of the Travellift in the summer of 2001, the Kuhnle shipyard in the Hafendorf Müritz offers a unique service on the lake plateau. For the Travellift, a special sheet pile wall was rammed, which allows the modern crane to travel over the ship and lift safely. The Kuhnle shipyard's "coworker crane" four-wheeled journeyman can transport up to 90 tonne vessels from the water into the yard.  

For small boats, a column-mounted crane is also available at the Hafendorf Müritz and Niderviller locations. In Niderviller the column cranes lift up to 25 tons into and out of the water. In the Hafendorf Müritz the load capacity is only 3.2 tonnes, but it does also provide a service of setting up masts.


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Cleaning area

Directly next to the crane facilities in Hafendorf Müritz (Travellift and Drehkran) is our environmentally friendly boat washing area. On two 8 x 34 meter pitches, boats and yachts can be manouvered on the crane. These two washing places have a special wastewater system that cleans the wastewater via an oil separator and sanding system and also saves it as washing water./p>


If the wash water in the circuit is of poor quality, this is disposed of as a normal waste water via a pressure line and the separate pump. This sewage is replaced by water from the Claassee via the waste water system of the Marina Müritz by means of a pressure line. Filters and separation systems are regularly cleaned.