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Mein-boot offers you a wide range of used houseboats. Here you can find houseboats from the charter fleet as well as private houseboats.

Become a boat owner!

You want to be a boat owner in 2024, now is the time to be active.

We sell our charter boats only outside the charter season. This means for you that from a certain booking situation for charter, we no longer sell the boats or only in connection with our boat owner program. The ideal time to buy a used charter boat is therefore the end of the season and not the spring.

At the same time, the current supply bottlenecks increase our construction times for new boat builds, but also for conversions or extensions of used boats. We ask that you take this into consideration when planning to purchase a new or used boat.

In contrast to other boat sellers, we offer everyone who buys a boat from us the guarantee that you will get a berth in the Marina Müritz in 17248 Rechlin or in the Marina Niderviller in 57656 Niderviller (France).


Our product range:

There are good reasons for choosing a boat from a charter fleet, especially from our fleet:


  • Boats that come from the charter business are technically without surprises because they are constantly driven and maintained by professionals.
  • If you buy a boat from a charter fleet, you can hire it beforehand and test drive it extensively (and even if you decide against the chartered boat, you at least know why and can search more specifically in future).
  • Kuhnle-Tours boats have a shallow draught and are therefore suitable for climate change. Even in water depths of one metre, you can still travel to almost every corner between the Elbe and Oder with Kormoran, vetus and Febomobil.
  • When you buy a boat from Kuhnle-Tours, you get a free annual berth in Marina Müritz, in Zeuthen or in Niderviller (Rhine-Marne Canal) - and the certainty that your boat will still have a berth afterwards.
  • One year warranty included.
  • What you don't like about the look and interior fittings is comparatively easy to replace (and can often be done by yourself). The situation is quite different if there is a maintenance backlog on the drive and boat technology.
  • Think about the environment: Most Kuhnle-Tours boats have a large fresh water tank as well as one or more large waste water tanks. These collect both grey water (from the shower, kitchen sink and washbasin) and black water (from the toilets on board). The tanks are large enough to be self-sufficient for several days before going to a harbour for disposal.
  • A Kuhnle-Tours boat is a stable investment that will retain its value if well maintained.